Earlex is well-known for making paint sprayers of high quality that can be purchased for an affordable price by do-it-yourself enthusiasts. They are often considered to be authorities in their particular profession.

However, selecting one machine from a wide variety available is a hard nut to crack. So, why not pick Earlex 5500 vs. 6003 to make a comparison and then conclude to buy only one to serve the best results?

Let’s go through it comprehensively!

Earlex 5500

Earlex 5500 HVLP Paint Sprayer


Earlex 6003 HVLP Paint Sprayer


Earlex 5500 HVLP Paint Sprayer

Earlex 5500
  • Doors, cabinets, spindles, decks, furniture, autos, and maybe, even more might all be improved with the help of the professional metal spray gun and 650-watt turbine that comes with it.
  • This high-volume low-pressure (HVLP) paint spraying equipment comes complete with a flow control dial and a spray pattern-changing mechanism, which allows you to quickly select between a circular, a horizontal, or a vertical spray pattern. The HVLP paint spraying equipment also allows you to spray in both directions.
  • The 5500 can be utilized with a wide range of materials, including those that are oil-based as well as those that are water-based.
  • It is possible to stow the professional spray cannon, the hose, and the power wire all on the sprayer itself. Each of these components is thirteen feet in length. A carry handle is provided for your convenience, allowing you to move it from one position to another.

The Earlex Spray Station 5500 is a paint sprayer that is classified as semi-professional and is designed for use by do-it-yourself severe carpenters, light contractors, and woodworkers who operate at a professional level.

Homeowners, skilled carpenters, and other serious woodworkers will find the Spray Station 5500 proper professional-grade equipment. Going farther than the Spray Station 5500, which comes with a professional gun and a powerful turbine, is unnecessary to achieve a faultless showroom finish on cabinets, furniture, or vehicles.

  • Excellent for DIY woodworking tasks of any size
  • Horizontal, vertical, and spherical spray patterns
  • Portable sprayer with a 13-foot hose for covering large areas
  • Frustrating problems arise due to design inadequacies.
  • Not suitable for commercial projects

Final verdict

The Spray Station 5500 is designed to be lightweight, making it simple to move from one location to another. It also has onboard storage for the professional spray gun, hose, and wiring. The long-lasting professional spray cannon contains a needle and tip made of 2.0mm stainless steel, as well as a paint container that is one qt PTFE-coated and has a quick-release lever.

Titan Impact 440

  • To assist experienced woodworkers in applying a finish perfect to cabinets, doors, trim, furniture, and other items without leaving brush traces.
  • This paint sprayer is great for atomizing thin and thick coatings thanks to its output pressure of 5.5 PSI and three-stage turbine.
  • Its 1.3mm air cap/needle combo and cool grip handle, the Pro8 non-bleed spray cannon ushers in a new age of simplicity and efficiency unparalleled in its scope. Because the air cap spins, you can spray from any angle, even on the most difficult surfaces.
  • Not only is the Hyperflex Hose, which is 25 feet in length and exceedingly flexible, but it is also very lightweight and extremely durable. Fittings with quick-connect mechanisms make it possible to decouple quickly.

Earlex SprayPort 6003 HVLP paint sprayer will give your next job the appearance of having been professionally done. Your woodworking surface may also benefit from having a superb finish free of brush marks thanks to the 1.3 mm needle’s assistance. This reliable sprayer was manufactured in the United States and came with a warranty that is valid for two years.

The Earlex SprayPort 6003 is an excellent option for professional woodworkers because it produces a finish of high quality, is extremely strong, and can be purchased at an affordable cost. This application tool may apply polyurethanes, varnishes, shellac, lacquer, enamels, stains, milk paints, chalk paints, and latex sprays, although certain latex sprays may need to be thinned first.

  • Spray from every angle due 360° rotating air cap
  • Hyperflex Hose for swiftly navigating massive construction sites
  • Easy to keep and carry with docking station
  • Relatively costly
  • Noisy and complex to use

Final verdict

The sprayer is a high-quality device manufactured in the United States and came with a warranty valid for two years. The Earlex SprayPort 6003 is the most effective finishing sprayer on the market and may be used for various woodworking projects.

Comparison Table Earlex 5500 VS Earlex 6003

FeaturesEarlex 5500Earlex 6003
Tank Volume1 Quart1 Quart
ColorSilver, Blue, Black‎Multicolor
Item Dimensions LxWxH‎12 x 12 x 26 inches17 x 14 x 20 inches
Style‎Adjustable, RoundGun
Power Source‎Corded ElectricCorded Electric
Horse length13 Feet‎25 Feet
Weight11.43 pounds26 Pounds

Similarities & Differences Earlex 5500 VS Earlex 6003

The Earlex 5500 spray station is a powerful HLVP semi-pro unit ideal for light contractor work, severe do-it-yourself projects, carpentry, and automotive enthusiasts. Because of its portability, the 5500 spray station may be used in several locations, such as a workshop, a kitchen, or a building site.

When working on projects of modest sizes, such as installing interior or exterior trim, doors, shutters, and other jobs of a similar kind, construction teams may be able to save time and money by reducing the amount of material they need.

Similarly, the powerful three-stage turbine and professional pressure-fed spray gun included with the Earlex Spray Port 6003 make it possible for this product to impart a high-quality gloss to woodworking projects. This book is beneficial for any woodworker who takes their art seriously and strives to develop their abilities.

Because of its more powerful 650-watt turbine and professional metal spray gun, the 5500 spray station is an outstanding instrument for achieving a high-quality, professional finish on various activities. This is possible owing to the 5500 spray station’s versatility. Simply pressing a button and rotating a ring allows the user of a professional spray gun to switch between a 1-inch fan width and a 12-inch fan width on the outer spray pattern of the gun in seconds and with no effort.

On the other hand, simply pushing and clicking the appropriate buttons on Earlex 6003 will allow you to switch the spray pattern from vertical to horizontal or round. The spray station model 5500 is equipped with a convenient carry handle, which enables it to be swiftly relocated around the building site.

The 6003 may be put to excellent use in various circumstances where it is vital to have a high-quality finish or if there is a worry about overspray. A paint flows control dial, a stainless steel tip, a needle, and an angled paint pick-up tube that can spray upwards or downwards are some of the many helpful features of the professional spray gun.

What is best for you?

When applied to woodworking products, the professional gun and powerful turbine included with the Earlex 5500 Spray Station provide a superior finish free of brush marks. It works well both for novices and experienced users.

A superb finish may be achieved on woodworking projects using the Earlex Spray Port 6003, which has a professional pressure-fed spray gun and a powerful three-stage turbine. It is ideal for serious and professional woodworkers who want to improve their woodworking skills and take their craft to the next level. So, it’s the winner in comparison, and you should prefer buying the Earlex 6003.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which model is better for beginners?

The Earlex 5500 is a great option for beginners as it is very easy to use. Additionally, its lower output power makes it less likely to overheat and damage your paint project.

Which model is better for professionals?

The Earlex 6003 is our top professional pick due to its higher output power and shorter heating time. However, both models can achieve a professional paint finish.

Which one is better, the Earlex 5500 or the 6003?

The answer to this question depends on what you need the steamer for. If you need a steamer for light-duty tasks such as removing the wallpaper or softening the caulk, then the Earlex 5500 would be a good choice. On the other hand, if you need a steamer for heavy-duty tasks such as stripping paint off surfaces, then the Earlex 6003 would be a better choice.


Even though Earlex Paint Sprayer only provides a limited number of models, this does not indicate that it is inadequate in any manner. Its turbine-powered equipment is as well-suited for delicate finishing work as they are for big and time-intensive operations, which means that they are acceptable for everyone from the most dedicated novice to the most seasoned professional. Strong motors, stainless steel tips, and lightweight spray guns are some features that allow the Earlex line to provide excellent results.

This is possible because the line is intended to function with a broad range of coating materials. In addition, Wagner Spraytech currently owns them, which means you can rest certain that they are constructed to endure and come with full warranties that are valid for two years.

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