Like most people, you probably don’t think much about how to clean your paint sprayer. After all, it’s just a tool, right? But if you’re like most painters, you know that a properly cleaned paint sprayer can make your job a lot easier. This article will explain how to clean a paint sprayer and when you should do it.

Cleaning Your Paint Sprayer

The HomeRight C800766 paint sprayer has been a pleasure for the past year. It is my go-to paint sprayer when I need a brushing, smooth finish on furniture with spindles. Astonishingly, I’m rather pleased with the outcome. An additional benefit is the speed and ease of cleanup.


Before you start cleaning your paint sprayer, you should have a basic understanding of its components. Nozzle: the most important components are visible. Also, removing and emptying your paint sprayer canister is necessary before proceeding.

Step 1


After that, clean the white tube by removing it.

Step 2


The HomeRight paint sprayer comes with a handy white brush for cleaning the sprayer and getting into hard-to-reach locations like the tube. Cleaning the paint sprayer with soap and warm water after each project.

step 3


Cleaning a Paint Sprayer’s Nozzle:

You will need to unscrew the black air cap ring and remove the air cap ring and the yellow-winged spray cap for the nozzle. 

step 4

Step 5:

Moreover, remove the black inner spacer.

step 5


Cleaning the sprayer parts with warm soapy water and laying them out to dry is now possible.

step 6

How to Clean the Paint Sprayer’s Spray Tip

Different spray tips come with your paint sprayer. Spray tips come in different colors, and each color is best for another type of project.

Spray tip

Use the provided tool to change or remove the spray tip from your paint sprayer.

The spray tip can be cleaned with the same brush.


Putting back together with a clean paint sprayer

Put the black spacer back in the nozzle first. 

  • The yellow spray cap with the wings (or the black one with the wings if you’re using the black one)    should now be in the black ring. 
  • Screw the black and yellow nozzle components onto the paint sprayer’s nozzle after putting the black cap back on.
  • You should add clean water when you put your suck-up tube into your paint can. After this step, ensure the paint sprayer is dry before putting it away.

You can extend the life of your HomeRight C800766 paint sprayer by cleaning it thoroughly after each use.

Follow these simple steps to keep your sprayer in top condition: 

1. Remove the paint can and air filter.

2. Remove the nozzle by unscrewing it from the gun.

3. Clean all gun parts with a mild soap and water mixture.

4. Rinse and dry everything before reassembling.

5. Inspect all parts of the gun for cracks and damage.

6. Store the gun in a cool, dry place away from children.

7. Replacing the paint can every six months or more often if needed is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it possible to keep paint in a sprayer for a long time?

When painting a room or a wall, you must wait until the job is done before you can clean up. Depending on the temperature and conditions of the area, you can only keep paint in a sprayer for up to 2.3 hours at most. That’s because, after that time, the paint starts to thicken and form clumps.

Is it required to clean the paint sprayer daily?

Cleaning the paint sprayer daily can be hard when doing a large project. This is because it would take a week to clean it thoroughly. However, it is still important to thoroughly clean the paint sprayer when the project is done. Doing this will prevent any residual paint from sticking to the machine and making it difficult to operate in the future.


In conclusion, cleaning your paint sprayer regularly is important to keep it running smoothly. The HomeRight C800766 guide offers detailed instructions on properly cleaning your paint sprayer. So, if you’re looking for a way to keep your home clean and tidy while painting, check out this guide!

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